The Mermaid and the Star

Inspired by 임현식’s song entitled “Swimming”, this piece is from the perspective of the little mermaid. 😀 ——————— I used to believe that all stars are found above, up there millions of miles away from sea until that night when my small eyes found you – the one brighter than anything I had ever seen. […]

Japan 2017

Last year, we booked a flight to Japan with no planned itinerary at hand. We bought the cheap tickets immediately as soon as we found them because it had always been a dream for us to explore this country. What’s not to love about it, right? They have a rich, well-preserved culture, castles, temples, sumptuous […]

To The Guy Who Left A Crack In My Wall

We have only known each other for a few months and I am not going to pretend that it is as if our lives have been connected from the start. Let’s face reality, there are million other things we have not discovered about one other. We are both aware of the distance between us (physically […]


Knowing you is like climbing a mountain. Just a few steps forward and I am already on higher grounds. One look at the summit and my blistered feet keep on walking. Each inhale of a gentle breeze calming the strong beating of my heart. Knowing you is like climbing a mountain; it is a risk […]

V-day 2017

Hi Sky, It’s Valentine’s Day and you are still no where in sight (not that I am complaining). It’s just that there are moments today I wish for you to be around. We do not need go for a fancy dinner outside because you know me, I don’t like very crowded places. We can stay […]


Goblin is curled in a corner Grim reaper received a name card Another child goes back to heaven in the arms of his Father We miss you, grandpa. We’ll see you up there. 🙂


At the center of a storm There is only tranquility As rain drops fill the window pane She wonders what it’s like To be inside a crashing plane As it meets it’s fate in the sea Will it be tranquil Like the center of a storm?