When the Waves Come Crashing

When the waves come crashing, sometimes, you just have to stay still. Stay still and notice the sun setting down on the horizon. Look at how the sea hues change from blue to orange to grey. And as slowly as how the night approaches, let go of the day, let go of the pain. Gaze […]

Traveling Solo

I venture out alone in an unfamiliar land with golden sands and breathtaking sunsets. I search for answers in a company of strangers, from babies in nappies to oldies in canes. I look… And look… And look… And found the answers within.

A super blood blue moon

It is no accident to witness the moon so bright and big illuminating the cloudy sky, to experience an eclipse, to feel total darkness; a sense of hopelessness, to see how it turns red like blood dripping through my fingers but really it is orange – your favorite hue. This phenomenon happens every 150 years […]

He is my Augustus Waters

Once upon a time, I met a man like Gus. Oblivion is his greatest fear, “To be remembered” is what he holds dear. He broke my stereotypes and pulled me back to light. He told me I am pretty and leaving is such a pity. But what can we do if our love story is […]

Please Peter

Please Peter, take me to Neverland Let us runaway and never come back to this complicated adult life Please Peter, take me to Neverland Let us play with Tiger Lily and the Lost Boys and forget about grown ups’ strife Please Peter, take me to Neverland Let us fly side by side and venture to […]