He is my Augustus Waters

Once upon a time, I met a man like Gus. Oblivion is his greatest fear, “To be remembered” is what he holds dear. He broke my stereotypes and pulled me back to light. He told me I am pretty and leaving is such a pity. But what can we do if our love story is […]

Please Peter

Please Peter, take me to Neverland Let us runaway and never come back to this complicated adult life Please Peter, take me to Neverland Let us play with Tiger Lily and the Lost Boys and forget about grown ups’ strife Please Peter, take me to Neverland Let us fly side by side and venture to […]

Hulk: A Sonnet

“Hey big guy, sun’s getting real low” It is not a love story, Captain said Do not be fooled by actions You are just one of his distractions Do not let it seep inside your head Days have gone since he fled Your late night dreams are mere abstractions Soon he will look for other […]

Movie Scene: Part III

This is it. The last movie scene with him. There is no bike this time. No silly game nor a hand on her shoulder. Heck, they are not even walking side by side. Truth be told, their story has ended even before it has begun. But despite it all, in the deepest of her heart, […]

26th in Words

I force myself to make a poem before life turns a year old I flip the pages of my planner and relinquish memories of bold Blue, green, purple and pink – Different shades of fun and pain My bank account suffered lost but my soul certainly gained

The Mermaid and the Star

Inspired by 임현식’s song entitled “Swimming”, this piece is from the perspective of the little mermaid. 😀 ——————— I used to believe that all stars are found above, up there millions of miles away from sea until that night when my small eyes found you – the one brighter than anything I had ever seen. […]

Japan 2017

Last year, we booked a flight to Japan with no planned itinerary at hand. We bought the cheap tickets immediately as soon as we found them because it had always been a dream of us to explore this country. What’s not to love about it, right? They have a rich, well-preserved culture, castles, temples, sumptuous […]