He is my Augustus Waters


Once upon a time, I met a man like Gus.
Oblivion is his greatest fear,
“To be remembered” is what he holds dear.

He broke my stereotypes
and pulled me back to light.
He told me I am pretty
and leaving is such a pity.

But what can we do
if our love story is through?

Okay? I am not okay.

I pray to relive yesterday
when he asked to see my watch
and our hands interlocked,
and slowly, as the wind blew, our lips touched.

From that moment on,
my brain protested he would be gone.
But I stayed beside him that final night
because everything with him felt right.

I am his little infinity – his Hazel Grace.
And I promise to live with this scar;
to love until, once more, our stars decide to align.


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