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Hello there! Welcome to my long overdue post.

We are a month in 2019 and I hope you are easing your way through the new year. Personally, it has been a slow start in terms of activities and social gatherings. I guess, my body and spirit need to rest after all the shenanigans of 2018 – a season packed with disappointments, heartbreaks, learnings and joys. During this time, I discovered lessons that I find really helpful as we traverse through life; allow me to share my top lesson of the year.


(photo by JessikaChelsey)

I know, it’s cliche. We have heard it countless of times from various sources – from self-help books to life coaches to our church’s pastor. But believe me when I say, they are right. SELF LOVE IS FOUNDATIONAL. We cannot fully serve and give to others if we are depleted inside. We will definitely burn out and may lose everything good within. That is why it is very important to truly value and love the entirety of our being, with all our strengths and idiosyncrasies.

One of the ways I find useful in reprogramming my belief system is to do daily affirmations. At first, it felt weird, like I was a fraud. The words “I am loved” produced creases between my eyebrows. However, as I continue to do it every morning (or whenever the situation calls for it), I find myself believing it. The more I say it, the more it feels real to me. On days when I am struggling, I allow myself to feel the emotion – whether it be sadness or anxiety or anger, and then shift it slowly by repeating the affirmation/s over and over until I can smile again. Simple right? 🙂

So there, I am ending this the same way I am going to end all my monthly blogs this year.

Spread kindness. Be grateful. And trust that there are more love in store for you this 2019.


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