Feb Blog – Trevor Noah

Hello, February!

Since we are still in this Valentine’s phase, I am going to share the apple of my eye for this month, *drumroll please*, Trevor Noah. 

I recently watched his interview with Oprah and I am left in awe. He talked about his book, “Born A Crime”, which turned out to be a love letter to the heroine of his story – his Mum.  He mentioned about growing up in South Africa during apartheid, the struggles he and his mother had to face as well as the good that came from it all. He also brought up about Black Tax – the responsibility to financially take care of your family members who have less than you. As a Filipino, I can totally relate to this but that’s for another story. 

Going back to Trevor, it is clear that he has extraordinary humour, wits and character. I felt authenticity and passion during the entire 28 mins and 3 secs video. What struck me most was his journey on becoming the host of “The Daily Show”. It was a surprise to know that he initially rejected Jon Stewart’s offer to come to the US because he was committed to doing his comedy tours. Passing up that huge opportunity says a lot about his values as a person. Patricia Noah, without a doubt, raised up a wonderful and kind-hearted man. 

If I ever get the chance to interview a famous person in this lifetime, he will definitely be it. 

And before I end, to whoever is reading this, please do your self a favour and grab a copy of Trevor Noah’s book. It is a genuinely wonderful read. 🙂



P.S. Happy Birthday, Trevor Noah! 😀

Spread kindness. Be grateful. And trust that there are more love in store for you this 2019.

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