Jun Blog – Intention, Thoughts and Words

I have a very simple message for this post and it is this – let’s be more aware of what intentions, thoughts and words we say to ourselves on a daily basis because they become our beliefs. 

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “What you focus on grows”? Many thought leaders have been professing this knowledge for years and yet it seems like most people still cannot grasp it. When I think about it, it’s really very simple – I watch what goes in and out of my head because that’s where everything stems from. Let me give an example, I used to tell myself that I’m lonely and that I’ll forever be alone and guess what, the universe showed me more and more evidence of that loneliness and aloneness which of course made me sulk deeper into negative thoughts. My energy dropped, I lost my appetite for food and life. I got triggered and annoyed easily. I honestly did not like myself back then and that realisation started my journey to a better metal diet. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my bad days, I’m human after all. But I do not dwell on them as much as I have before. 

One of the tools that helped me reprogram my beliefs is gratitude. Yup, cliche. But it’s oh so true. On days that I am feeling stressed out and down, I force myself to think of at least 1 good thing that I am grateful for and usually it is the fact that I am lying comfortably on my bed. And that will lead to I have a pillow and a blanket and roof above my head. And then the fact that I am breathing and alive and healthy. And after 17 seconds, I usually am in a better state. And then I’ll be back to being down and I’ll repeat the process like building a muscle. And when I have sustained that good emotion for a while, I normally state my affirmations. For me, this is what sets the positive feeling in my subconscious. I tell myself over and over again that “I am happy and I am loved and I am worthy” and I don’t know what miracle happens when I go to sleep with these thoughts in mind but I am sure to always wake up feeling lighter and relived. 

I am not an expert but I intend for this blog to help whoever is reading this. So yeah, try it out and see how it will change your life. 

As a conclusion, I’m leaving here the last lines of Invictus by William Ernest Henley.

Image result for invictus i am the master of my fate


Spread kindness. Be grateful. And trust that there are more love in store for you this 2019.

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