Jul Blog – Hey Bro!

Sometimes the blog is for the readers, sometimes the blog is for me. ☺️

This one is a reminder that July 13 was one of the best nights of my 2019.

It started as a typical wedding day, woke up early to get my hair and make up done, battled a bit of traffic on the way to the church and struggled not to trip while walking in my stiletto. Throughout the ceremony and reception, the energy of the couple was very apparent. They were really shy to do PDAs and for me, it was cute.

The games were fun as well and I won a prize without even doing anything. Thanks to my ever reliable, brothers. Haha! There was never a dull moment with them around. We talked about the possible guests and program, my new hair style, the perfect position to avoid the warm setting sun, etc.

And then we had our very own after party a.k.a videoke until the wee hours of the morning. We laughed at jokes, belted the high notes, drank 2 bottles of beers each and discovered hidden talents. Being with them felt CAREFREE. I was just being me, with no judgment or worry what others would see and think of me because I know with them, I am safe and valued. I may not have real siblings but with them in my life, I will always have brothers.

PS. Mcdo drive thru, Bato, Rain, Barbie Room, Coat

Spread kindness. Be grateful. And trust that there are more love in store for you this 2019.

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